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Double Bay real estate agent Jade Grech charges dropped after secretly filming sex with girlfriend

Jade Grech, 39, (pictured) has pleaded guilty to secretly recording conversations with her ex-girlfriend and filming her having sex.  Grech's charges were dismissed on mental health grounds.

Bride’s outrage after real estate agent filmed having sex with her has charges dismissed on mental health grounds

  • Jade Grech pleaded guilty to secretly recording her girlfriend having sex
  • His ex-girlfriend said she was “devastated” when his charges were dismissed.
  • He was released into the care of his psychologists and given a domestic violence order.

A woman whose boyfriend filmed them having sex without her consent has shared her outrage after a judge dismissed her charges on mental health grounds.

The woman, whose name cannot be identified for legal reasons, confronted Jade Grech, 39, after he sent her a video on Whatsapp.

The woman said she hoped to be called as a witness during Grech’s trial, which is due to start on September 26, but was “devastated” when she found out her case was already before the court.

“For more than a year I prepared myself to have my day in court,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“Having that taken away from me without my input is not only disappointing, it makes me angry.

“I am totally disappointed and don’t know the reasons why the charges were dropped.”

The woman received a call from the police only after Grech changed his guilty plea on September 16.

Hornsby local court was told the woman received a 1 minute 16 second video via Whatsapp from Grech in February last year, showing the couple having sex.

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The woman confronted Grech and replied, “Can you ask me before we record this stuff?”, to which he responded with a screaming face emoji.

After the woman explained that she was feeling ‘restless’, Grech responded: ‘You are the love of my life.’ Do not trust me’.

“I feel like it’s a private thing between you and me,” the woman replied.

The court heard that Grech washed and cleaned the woman’s car and left before she woke up in her Macquarie Park apartment on March 8 last year.

After returning to the apartment later that night, the woman and Grech got into an argument. She called the police early the next morning.

Police arrested Grech and found the woman’s car keys and a USB with secret recordings in her pants pocket, the court heard.

In a statement made to police, the woman said she discovered more intimate recordings of her.

Grech pleaded guilty to intentionally recording an image without consent and recording conversations with the woman after a device was found in her car.

Magistrate Robyn Denes dismissed Grech’s charges, including charges of common assault and property damage, on mental health grounds.

Grech was released into the care of his psychologist and is subject to a two-year domestic violence arrest warrant to protect the woman.

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