Does Drinking Hot Lemons Really Lose Weight?

Kathmandu. There is a growing trend to add hot lemon to hot water and drink it as a perfect way to lose weight. Many of us who meet in daily life are suggesting hot lemon is the best way to lose weight.

But, does it really reduce weight?

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According to renowned Indian nutritionist Kinita Kadakiya, the main source of vitamin C in hot water is the fact that drinking lemon juice melts body fat.

“If you think it’s easy to lose weight, it’s best to break that illusion quickly,” she said.

There is no difference between drinking hot lemon and drinking plain water to lose weight, according to the American Health Online Healthline. However, it can be used in place of high calorie drinks. It can help you lose weight to some extent.

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According to health workers, the benefits of drinking hot lemon are not only for weight loss but also for staying hydrated and protecting the skin. Vitamin C in lemons reduces skin wrinkles and dryness and also reduces sun damage to the skin.

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