Doctors declare world’s first climate change patient

Doctors in Canada have declared the world’s first climate change patient. A Canadian woman has been diagnosed with climate change after she was diagnosed with respiratory problems, doctors said.

Doctors treating a 70-year-old woman who was hospitalized with respiratory problems have been named in the health report as the world’s first patient to suffer from climate change. Due to the hot air and poor air quality, the woman was found to have respiratory problems. Kyle Merritt told The Independent News.

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The doctors involved in the treatment have mentioned in the report that health problems have arisen in the women due to climate change. The name of the woman has not been made public yet, according to the American newspaper ‘The Hill’.

About 500 people die each year in Canada due to summer heatwaves. The issue of hot air was raised at COP 26, the 26th climate conference held in Glasgow.

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