Do you ride a motorcycle? Know these things

Even if a motorcyclist does not pay attention to simple things, it can cause great damage to the motorcycle. Which causes loss of money and time. So you should not be careless while riding a motorcycle.

Shiva Ale, 50, who has been making motorcycles in Samakhusi for the last 18 years, says that motorcycles are usually damaged due to negligence of motorcyclists. Here are some things to look for when selecting a motorcycle.

The main causes of motorcycle breakdown

General problems with motorcycles are frequent. When small problems are not taken care of, big problems are likely to arise. The most common problem seen on many motorcycles is that the motorcycle does not start. The main reason for such a problem is to let people who do not know how to use it. Is the motorcycle new or old, which company does it belong to? Regular servicing or not? That also makes sense.

What to do when there is a problem of motorcycle not starting?

The most common problem on motorcycles is the problem of not starting. This problem can be caused by not dancing for many days. When riding a motorcycle without interruption for a long time, the engine may not start even if it is very hot. Problems are created even when the mob is over. Turn off the accelerator even if you are pulling the wheel of the motorcycle, causing the problem of stopping or not starting. In addition to this, when the bike fights, there is a problem of not starting or stopping even when there is no oil spill in the engine.

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When such a problem occurs, you should first check the pluck. Then you have to see if the oil has passed. Then we have to see if there is any firing. Then turn off the key and turn it on. What is the condition of the battery? Should see If you don’t start the motorcycle for a long time, even if the mouse cuts the wire, it may not start. If the motorcycle does not start, you have to find a way to start with these methods.

What are the things that a motorcyclist should pay attention to?

Some problems that seem normal to a motorcyclist can be a big problem. So the following things need to be considered.

– If the nut of any part of the motorcycle is loose, it should be repaired immediately

– Check the bill from time to time

– Do not jump into the reserve as much as possible

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– Mandatory servicing after running at least 1200 to 1500 kilometers

– Monitoring of air, sidelights and internal systems of motorcycles.

– If you emit a little smoke, go to the workshop and check why it is emitted

– If there is a different sound than usual, you should go to the workshop and get it checked.

How to find out if there is a mobile return?

We can easily find out if it is time to change the mobile. One is how many mobiles have decreased in 5-7 days? This can be confirmed on the basis of. It also matters how thin and thick the other mobile is, whether it is black or not. If the furniture is too black, then it is time to change it. It is also a sign of engine failure. But sometimes if a stranger is allowed to ride a motorcycle, he can drive the car in half an hour. The above condition applies to a regular driver.

Things to pay attention to

If the safety of the engine is not taken care of while riding the motorcycle, the motorcycle may stop running while running. Sometimes when the engine is changed, the motorcycle may stop running if it is not turned on time. Therefore, the motorcycle that is used when changing the engine should not be driven too much in temporary para. In general, for the safety of a motorcycle engine, the following things should be considered:

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– Do not talk more than the capacity of the motorcycle.

– When riding a motorcycle, you should avoid the pit.

– Do not carry heavy loads or make the engine too heavy.

– If you feel that there is not much pickup on the hill, you should check it immediately.

– When the time comes, servicing, mobil and filter replacement work is done simultaneously.

How to know the condition of engine?

Here’s how to put one together for use with your motorcycle engine

– Regularly check to see if white smoke is emitted. If there is a puff of smoke, it can be considered as having started the engine.

– Even if only 2 people climb on the hill, even if they emit unnatural smoke, it is known that it is time to change the engine.

Mabil can be done in 2-3 days.

– Smooth black mobil seen in the silencer

– A different sound coming up or down horizontally is also a sign of engine failure.


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