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Wondering How To Make Your Custom Lip Gloss Boxes Rock? Read This!

lip gloss boxes

There is massive utilization of lip glosses around the globe. People are running various lip glosses brands out there. In the year 2017, the global market for lip glosses was projected at 660 million US dollars.

It was forecasted that the market size will get about 1 billion dollars in the year 2023.

If you are also running a cosmetic brand for lip glosses then it is the right time to get great sales.

All you have to do is awesome customization. It is the customization of the boxes that can make your brand successful. In this blog post we are discussing some of the amazing ideas which you can adopt to have outstanding custom lip gloss boxes:

Foldable Gradient Lip Gloss Box

You can design your lip gloss packaging elegantly in the gradient format. How to do so? Before deciding on the design part of the boxes, it is essential to first think about the structure of the box. You can choose the rigid material of the box and then design the box elegantly.

lip gloss boxes

For the design part, you can create a complete mood board so, with the help of that, you will be able to decide the entire look of the packaging.

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Create the gradient touch for the box by choosing two colors such as pastel pink and pastel grey-blue combination. You can embellish the box with these two colors.

Now add a punch insert within the box in the shape of the lip gloss and place it right between the box. Here your gradient box is ready.

People always like the unique packaging. With the help of your unique creative ideas, you will be able to create your own name within the market and people will surely buy your products more.

Glossy Coating Lip Gloss Boxes

The coatings are the crucial step of the packaging. Professionals utilize the coatings to lock in the ink of the boxes. So, utilize the gloss coating to lock in the graphics of the box of lip gloss packaging.

You can create the one by choosing some of the neon colors such as purple and cyan. However, both colors will become an outstanding combination.

Make sure that you create the internal packaging of lip glosses attractive as well. For instance, you can make the inner gloss packaging by using four colors such as tinted orange, yellow, cyan, skin color and make the wand color silver.

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lip gloss boxes

As you are creating the glossy packaging so that’s why the wand should be in silver color. Hence, it will give a shiny appearance.

Lip Gloss Vaults Boxes

You can create lip gloss vault boxes unique and outstanding by selecting the rigid material box in mailer style.

And the addition of the magnetic closure within the box would be a huge plus. This kind of box can easily get famous with the help of bloggers. The bloggers are responsible to change the entire fate of the brand by their review.

One of the huge examples we can see is the Kylie Jenner lip glosses. It is one of the famous brands around the globe whose lip gloss gets to sell in the world within every 60 seconds.

Other than the rigid mailer style, you can also choose the two-piece custom lip gloss packaging to place 10 to 12 glosses within one box and cover it up with the PVC window lid.

This will help the customers to see the lip glosses without opening the box.

Clear Sleeve Style Box Packaging

You can simply offer the customers some kind of interesting lip gloss packaging boxes

such as clear sleeve box style. For this packaging, you can choose the clear transparent box and encase all the lip glosses within the one box.

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Do add the brand name and the logo of your brand by the glossy and matte tone write-up.

Hot foil Stamping Lip gloss boxes

The utilization of hot foil stamping is a great idea to showcase your brand in an outstanding manner to the customers.

For instance, you can turn the background of the lip gloss box into the lavender shade and then add all the product details on the boxes in the hot foil stamping within yellow and cyan color.

Both colors will shine tremendously on the boxes and will attract customers from a far away.

As hot foil stamping is the most interesting and attractive feature that every designer wishes to utilize in their boxes.

You can often combine it with the embossing and debossing feature to create the magical look of the lip gloss boxes.

It all depends on your choice. If you are not much aware of these artistic features then you can simply hire a good packaging firm.

The experts present within the packaging firms are enough talented to provide you with awesome packaging for lip gloss.

lip gloss boxes


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