CRM vs CMS: What are the key differences between a customer relationship management software and a client management system?

The number of different acronyms out there for business software is mind-boggling but two of the most common are CRM and CMS. Although these two, which stand for customer relationship management and content management system respectively, are referred to in similar ways, they are quite different in terms of the purpose and features. 

Whether you’re familiar with CRM, CMS platforms or both, this article should provide a little more clarity. It will also help you understand why we’ve highlighted certain tools in our guides to the best CRM software and the best CMS solutions on the market.

What is a CRM?


The IBM Simon (Image credit: Future)

A customer relationship management platform has become an essential tool for many businesses. Whether they are based in real estate, sales, recruitment, or any other industry, a CRM tool helps to identify leads, collate contact details and more to supercharge sales figures.

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