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Not all issues are serious. Most of the serious issues that appear before us seem normal. But, all the common issues make people serious. As a result, most people are confused between normal and serious issues. Words like court, politics, resignation, impeachment and movement, which have been in the news lately, seem to have confused the people.

You may not feel serious about what you are breathing. Similarly, the division between the judiciary and the executive may not be a serious issue. It is not a serious matter for a pigeon to build a nest in a building, it is a serious matter for a judge to order the demolition of that nest. It is not a serious matter for Sher Bahadur Deuba to become the Prime Minister in the country, it is a serious matter for him to become the Prime Minister by the order of the court.

It is not a serious matter to appoint any minister in the Council of Ministers, it is a serious matter to appoint a minister in the quota of the court. Having a good relationship between the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice is not a serious issue, it is a serious issue. It is not a serious matter for the court to force the executive to implement the constitution, it is a serious matter to incite them to evade the constitution. The questioning of justice is not a serious matter, the reason for questioning is a serious matter.

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Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jamara is being questioned. Thus, the current ruling coalition emerged as the main factor in raising the question. When the representative was reinstated on 28 July 2078, three questions have been continuously raised against Jabra.

First, why the Prime Minister from Paramadesh? Second, why seek power sharing with the coalition? And the third question is, why is the court on the path of injustice?

After the appointment of Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba as the Prime Minister from Paramadesh, the media seems to be looking at Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra and the Supreme Court with suspicion. The suspicion became a reality after Jabra’s elder brother Gajendra Hamal Deuba became the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supplies in the Council of Ministers.

While the question was being raised, it was rumored that Hamal had been appointed as a minister from the Congress quota. However, the questions did not stop there. Due to which Hamal had to resign from the post of Minister. The ‘setting’ between the court and the ruling coalition came to a head after Minister Hamal, who had been appointed in Bhagbandha, resigned, using morality as a weapon.

The question of why Deuba was made the Prime Minister from Paramadesh is answered by the post of Minister given to him by Chief Justice Jabra. It is clear that Chief Justice Jabra had sought his share in the Council of Ministers with Deuba as he was made the Prime Minister by order.

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After Hamal, who had become a minister in Bhagbandha, resigned due to lack of questions, the setting between the ruling coalition and the Chief Justice came to a head. It is really thought-provoking and serious for the Chief Justice to seek a share and for the ruling coalition to try to tempt the judiciary.

The way Hamal was appointed to the cabinet of the Deuba government is a political injustice in itself. Weren’t other leaders qualified for ministers in the ruling coalition? Hamal is an anonymous old leader at the district level. Giving the post of minister to Hamal was not only tarnishing the image of the court, it was unfair to the leaders who had struggled for a long time.

Needless to say, the extreme turmoil and turmoil taking place in the courts in the last crisis situation indicates a terrible accident. Given this scenario, it is not too late to assess the seriousness of the conspiracy against the political system. The politics going on inside the court will not only tarnish its image, but also the general public’s faith in it.

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The executive, the judiciary and the legislature must be independent of the constitution. However, the fact that the judiciary itself is immersed in politics and seeks political participation suggests that there is naked interference of the executive. Now the dirty game of impeachment has started. This game should be taken seriously by the common people.

A cursory study of the developments this time shows that the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice have become embroiled in controversy over the issue of dissolution of the second parliament. That controversy came to the fore after the order was issued to make Congress president Deuba the prime minister. After the ruling coalition in the Council of Ministers and the division of the judiciary, the judiciary seemed to be trapped even more. And there were protests all around.

In this sense, five judges, including the Chief Justice, who issued the decree to make Deuba the Prime Minister, are also part of the crisis. Therefore, not only Chief Justice Jabra, but also Judges Deepak Kumar Karki, Meera Khadka, Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada and Ananda Mohan Bhattarai should resign in the Constitutional Court. Only then can the judiciary be reformed.

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