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Corona infection in three-day-old infants and mothers

coronaviruses, virus that causes respiratory infections

A three-day-old baby and his mother have been confirmed infected with the corona virus in India. Corona has been identified as Vicky Singh’s wife and their three-day-old son in Chambur, Mumbai.

Vicky did her best to prevent corona infection. They had booked a one-room two-bed room at Sai Hospital in Mumbai. But Corona left immediately.

Vicky Singh has been accusing his wife and son of being infected with the corona virus due to hospital negligence. He says the hospital kept the corona infected in bed and later spread the corona virus to his family members when the room was not cleaned properly. However, the hospital has been refuting Vicky Singh’s allegations, saying that hygiene and care have been taken.

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Vicky Singh, a manager at a restaurant, had booked a two-bed hospital room before his wife’s delivery time. Within two hours of the baby’s birth, the hospital staff asked him to move to another room. Vicky refused. However, the staff said that the door of the room was damaged and moved to another room with only one bed.

The next day, Vicky Singh admitted that the hospital had admitted the first corona-infected patient to the room where his wife was kept.

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Vicky then demanded a medical examination. However, doctors at the hospital said there was no need to test the sample as there were no symptoms. All three were examined the next day after Vicky paid a heavy tax.

Then on March 30, the doctors told Vicky to be discharged. But she refused, because her 70-year-old grandmother was at home. But doctors said the hospital was about to close and forced him to leave.

“We finally had to leave the hospital,” says Vicky. After going home, the report of the three of us came. I looked negative but my wife and son’s report was positive. ‘

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Vicky, his wife and son Kasturba are now in the hospital’s quarantine. He is undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctors. Vicky has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister to pay special attention to the treatment of her and her young child.

According to the ANI news agency, the hospital has been sealed off after an outbreak of the corona virus was found.

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