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Core Web Vitals: What are They and How to Improve Them?

Core Web Vitals

Last year, Google added the Core Web Vitals to its ranking algorithm. That means the metrics are now so much more important. So, if you want your pages to get a lot of traffic, you’ll need to know what the core web vitals are? More importantly, you’ll need to know how to achieve optimal performance for your site, whether that means overhauling your content, streamlining your processes, and more. It is also why many businesses in Australia have started hiring reputed agencies offering SEO services in Adelaide.


Core Web Vitals:

The Core Web Vitals have three elements that impact the user experience. These include:

  • LCP, which stands for Largest Contentful Paint
  • FID or First Input Delay
  • CLS, which means Cumulative Layout Shift


Largest Contentful Paint: LCP is a metric that determines how long the largest content item loads on the screen. It is usually the area under the menu and logo, like photos of featured products.


First Input Delay: How long does it take for the user to interact with your page (by interact, i.e., clicking or tapping on a button)? In addition, how much time does it take for the browser to process that request? That’s what the FID measures.

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Cumulative Layout Shift: When there is an unexpected layout shift after an element has been rendered, that’s what the cumulative layout shift measures. To get a clearer idea of how this works, consider the image loading. If the height or width aren’t stated or defined, when the CSS loads, that changes the size of the image. That creates an unexpected layout shift.


What are the CWVs About? 

When you think about LCP, or FID, or even CLS, and how these elements impact user experience, it can be summed up in a few words: the faster, the better. That’s because these measure user experience in your site, specifically, your page’s loading speed, how quickly an interaction happens with your site and the user, and more.

Wordstream reports that the longer it takes for the site to load or for an interaction to happen, the more likely it is for users to bounce away. If you have high bounce rates, that could be a major contributing factor to your low revenue scores. To learn more about bounce rates and find out how you can fix this problem, hire a digital marketing agency in Adelaide to help you.

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What Can a Digital Marketing Team Do? 

Hiring a digital marketing team, especially one that offers SEO services in Adelaide, means that you now have experts that you can count on to help you reduce the bounce rate. A high bounce rate and low traffic make for a fatal combination for your website. With their help, though, your pages can improve. They have the tools and knowledge needed to identify your website’s problems with its core web vitals.

For instance, once they have assessed your site, determining issues and areas for improvement, the team will actively move forward to improve your site. Some of the things they’ll do may include the following:


Efficiently Encode Images:

Many businesses don’t pay attention to the images’ quality and even to how these images are encoded. If you have minimal knowledge about the images you use, it could be slowing down your loading speed by a lot.

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That’s why image optimization matters. And while it’s a CWV factor, it’s surprisingly easy to resolve. The team might use a tool for image optimization or look for plugins that can help with the encoding.


Minify and Optimize:

After completing the encoding, minimizing or minifying is next up on the list. It’s a commonly overlooked aspect of site-building. The team can also use tools to help with the performance configuration.


Final Thoughts

Every digital marketing agency in Adelaide is different. But you can expect them to provide you with a plan on how to fix the core web vitals in your site and monitor its performance.

It is crucial to partner with the right agency to help you improve your site’s speed and land higher on the SERPs. Check out the firm’s services, its experience, and the kind of clients it typically serves.



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