Common tips to ace the punctuation part in the IELTS exam 

“Annie paul finds great happiness in cooking her entire family and her lovely dog.” Sounds extremely disturbing, right? The proper usage of punctuation is truly pertinent in the entire English language. If you apply the wrong punctuation then the whole meaning of the sentence will be changed. So you really have to know where you have to fit the right punctuation. You really have to fit this in your mind that if you use improper punctuation then it will definitely change the entire meaning of the sentence. When you read the above-mentioned sentence by fitting the punctuation then it will be ”Annie paul finds great happiness in cooking, her family and her lovely dog”. This sentence actually portrays a correct meaning which the writer wants to convey. This blog is just crafted so that you can get all possible information about how you really have to move in the right direction while preparing for the IELTS exam.

English can only be learned properly if you truly follow all the rules of grammar in the correct format. If you lack understanding of the punctuation part. Then we are here for your help.  There is no denying the fact that writing basically provides a well-versed way of communication.

With writing, you will be able to share your thoughts, ideas, opinions in a very creative manner. However, if you have any type of flaws in your writing such as incorrect sentence formation, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and more, then the entire meaning of the sentence will be changed. Do you aspire to clear the spoken English section in the coming future? Then you really need to associate yourself with the best spoken English classes in Jalandhar.

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In other cases, we can easily state that punctuation holds great power. If we talk about the IELTS exam then punctuation matters a lot. Yes, we understand that as a student you might be taking it very lightly. However, you really have to keep in mind that it is one of the most prominent parts of English. If you tend to make mistakes in this then there might be chances that you can easily lose great marks in the upcoming IELTS exams. So, if you really desire to prepare for the IELTS exam then you need to follow the below-crafted pointers to avoid a wide range of grammatical mistakes. If you aim to know more information about this thing, consider linking with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

How do you use the different types of punctuation in a better manner?  

  •  Proper usage of the Capital letter and the full stops

There are most of the students who basically tend to make mistakes in this part. They think that neglecting the capital letter will not hamper so much. However, we really have to advise you that you will not use the Capital letter or full stop. Then it will absolutely portray a negative impression on the mind of the examiner. You really have to note that the beginning of the sentences should always commence with a capital letter and always end with the full stop.

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You really need to keep in mind that the usage of the full stop should surely be made between the sentences. So that the examiner can find out from where your sentences start and from where it ends. You have to keep the first letter of every proper noun capital. These nouns are places, nationalities, a person’s name and languages. Solve the spoken English section with the soulful guidance of the best spoken English classes in Jalandhar.

  • Proper usage of the commas 

There is no denying the fact that most of the students don’t know the right usage of the commas. They just consider putting it anywhere in the sentence. You really have to use your mind before applying commas anywhere in the sentence. The primary use of the comma is basically when the reader pauses between the sentences. The comma is basically used to separate the parts of the sentences to avoid any type of confusion. If you are reading the sentences again and you are finding that you have applied the comma in a different place. Then you should consider asking about it in front of your teacher.

  • Usage of the exclamation mark

Adding one more point to the segment, the student basically considered overusing the part of the punctuation. You really have to keep in mind that this is basically used at the end of the sentence. It is basically used to emphasize the normal emotions of the writer. The exclamation marks are basically used when the writer is full of emotion.  You can’t use the exclamation mark when you are writing a formal letter or article. If you really aim to know more about this entire concept then you can easily consider linking up with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

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Wrapping up 

Yes, it is absolutely true that you might be finding a hard time understanding the proper usage of punctuation. So we hope that the above-crafted blog can surely help you know each and everything in the right manner. Read all the above-listed pointers so that it can work wonders for your case. The more you consider reading this blog in the right way the more you will be able to magnify your chances of clearing the IELTS exam with flying colors.

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