China extends military facilities along disputed border with India

With the onset of winter, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has stepped up facilities for troops stationed along the disputed border with India. According to Chinese state media, the facility has been increased keeping in view the situation of the troops stationed on the disputed border with India. “There is no fear of any conflict between China and India in the winter,” he said. But the possibility of sporadic clashes cannot be ruled out.

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That is why the PLA should be fully prepared, “the Chinese media Global Times quoted the observer as saying. In view of the ongoing stalemate between India and China, the PLA has focused on managing ration supply lines. Severe winters, especially when temperatures drop below zero degrees

The Hindustan Times, an Indian media outlet, quoted Chinese official military outlets as saying that the move was aimed at keeping troops on the border for long periods of time. The PLA Daily reported last week that a technology designed to help soldiers withstand strong winds has been developed.

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