CEO of Homeless Young Billion Dollar Company

Kathmandu / A young man from Japan who dropped out of high school and became homeless for almost two years has become the CEO of a billion dollar company. The market value of the tech startup started by Taihei Kwaisi of Tokyo has reached 1 billion dollars.

Its price has tripled since it went public in July. This startup helps other new startups create new businesses and products.

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He has said that it was the result of his imagination two years ago. When he was 17, his parents kicked him out of the house. Since then, he has even dropped out of high school.

He was interested in music. He was busy with music all day long. I slept on the street at night. On cold nights he would try to keep warm by collecting cardboard. He became homeless for almost two years. He is now the CEO of a company called Sun Asterix.

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He spent two winters on the streets of Tokyo. “I could have died from the cold. I slept where I could. More than 80 percent of the time I slept outside, ”he said.

Kovayasi gave a 6-hour test on mathematics ability, logical thinking and other subjects. He also passed the exam. Then the way was opened for him to become a software engineer. During this time he met with one of the founders of Sun Asterix. They both decided to start a company.

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