BUSINESSFASHION When designing a house, you have to coordinate with architecture: Laila Shrestha

It is said that the house is where the mind resides. That is to say, the house is not just a dew of the sun and water. It is an integral part of our lifestyle. That is why we have an emotional connection with home.

Building a house is not easy for us. We are building a house with lifelong earnings. We are trying to build a good, attractive, comfortable, strong house as much as we can. However, after building a house, there are some things that are difficult. Because we don’t have extra experience with house building. Often, many people are building a house for the first time and are making many mistakes.

In this context, Laila Shrestha, an architect of Artview-Engineering Consultancy, has talked to online news about what to pay attention to before constructing a house and how to prepare a design.

What should an architect pay attention to when building or designing a house?

First of all, when constructing any structure, it is important to be clear about the purpose for which it is being constructed. In the same way, the house should be designed not only for living but also in a way that has a positive effect on the minds and brains of the people living there.

Also, when planning a house construction or design, the design should be done keeping in mind the needs and budget of the housewife concerned. After deciding where to build a house, how to build it, how much to build, what kind of materials to build, it is necessary to make suitable design accordingly.

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What kind of design house is more popular now?

Of course, the design of the house may be different according to the housewife’s taste than this type. People’s temperament and interests do not match. This diversity is also reflected in the design of the house. What kind of person he is, the house he prefers tends to be the same. The master type design seems to be more popular. Also, a mix of traditional and modern designs is preferred. Which is made using headlines.

The design of the house may be different according to the profession of the housewife?

Yes, house design can be different depending on the profession of housewife. Because usually the basic things like living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet are the same but its size, type, decoration etc. have to be designed according to their profession and business. For example, if a housewife is a photographer, her home may have a photo gallery or studio. Similarly, if there is a professor, it can be a library or a place to study. People choose professions according to their tendencies and interests. Their psychology also applies to home design.

Just like a businessman needs a very comfortable house. Because they may be in a hurry. Similarly, a quiet and spacious house may be necessary for a writer or poet.

What design house can be more useful for housing?

Such a design for a window is determined by its location rather than by its usefulness. After deciding what style of house to build, where to build it, etc., suitable windows and doors can be constructed accordingly.

When designing windows, doors, bardali, ladders, etc., what should you pay attention to?

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When designing the windows and doors of a house, it should be prepared keeping in mind the geographical location and the style of the house. The windows and doors should be such that there should be enough light and fresh air coming from them.

Where and how to fit windows, doors, porches, bardali?

It is very important to know where to place the windows and doors in the house. It should be not only attractive but also safe. Also, when opening the main door, you should take care of what is seen inside. As soon as I opened the bedroom door, I didn’t see the bed.

The windows and doors should be designed in such a way that they can be used even in case of emergency. It should be made keeping in mind the situation like fire and earthquake. Even when making a bardali, one can decide how to make it based on the overall design of the house. Depending on the house, place, etc., its design may be different. Views from the bardali, sunny or not, can be taken care of. When making bardali in summer, it is suitable for cool place, but in winter house, bardali should be made in such a way that it can be heated by the sun.

The ladder should be placed in a place where it is easy to reach all the rooms. Also clockwise, that is, the way the clock rotates, the design should be the same.

How well does architecture fit into architectural design?

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An ‘architect’ is an architect. Therefore, when designing an architect, it is done in coordination with architecture as much as possible. More consumers than ever before believe in architecture. Accordingly, I have been designing in harmony with the architecture even if the customer does not say so.

What to consider when building a house on a small plot of land?

Land prices have skyrocketed compared to the past. That is why most people build houses on land of 3 or 5 annas. So when building a house on a small plot of land, you have to be very careful. The house should be designed without letting the available land go to waste.

How to build a good house at low cost?

For that, the house has to be designed keeping this in mind in the initial planning phase. Decent rooms should be designed according to the needs of the customer and the housewife without wasting space. Cost effective planning. Similarly, construction technology should be less expensive. What building materials to use? You need to be able to choose which is cheaper and which is better. Care should be taken to ensure that construction materials are not wasted.

What to look for when rebuilding a home?

When renovating, it is important to pay attention to what kind of house or structure it is, what kind of location it is. Also, there should be no hindrance to that structure during reconstruction. If a residential house needs to be rebuilt, it can be done in a new style according to the customer’s taste and budget.

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