Bliss at Mount Everest

May 2, Kathmandu. Phurba Chhiring Sherpa and Keshav Prasad Gauchan (Soviet) have entered the Everest National Park more than a thousand times. Phurba Sherpa has entered for his special work while Gauchan has reached the corners of the Everest region by helicopter. Phurba’s profession is linked to the health sector and tourism, while Gauchan is a helicopter pilot.

Sherpa is also the director of operations and promotion for Haley Everest and the director of Era International Hospital. He has visited the Everest region many times as he is associated with the helicopter sector including the health sector. Everest South Summit is the best destination to have expedition.

Similarly, Keshav Prasad Gauchan (Soviet), a pilot who has been flying helicopters for the past decade and a director of Haley Everest, also had an unforgettable trip to the Everest region this time. This time, he not only carried the climbers in a helicopter to the Everest area, but also climbed the world’s highest peak, Everest. “This adventurous moment will never be forgotten,” he said.

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He has heard the successes and failures of Everest climbers in the past while being carried by helicopter. “I heard it was very difficult. I got a chance to experience it for myself. I was very proud,” he said.

Climbing experience

After climbing the Everest base camp, my mind became very restless. The higher the level, the greater the size of the fear. We also had Haley Everest’s marketing director and climber Tashi Sherpa, a Guinness World Record holder.

During the ascent, you can walk uphill from Camp 1 to 2 and walk somewhere. It is not even seen above Camp 3. Even when traveling at night, there is a lot of excitement and fear.

The hardest place to climb is from Camp 3. Which is unforgettable on the ascent. It was very difficult for us to climb the Everest near the South Summit. The fatigue of walking all night was felt directly on top of it.

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It was light at 8,500 meters near the South Summit. When I looked around in the light, I saw that the other mountains were far below me. That happiness can only be experienced, it is difficult to say in words. After reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, the shape of happiness skyrocketed in the same way.

And all the friends who went on the climb for some time were happy to capture all the pictures. For a while, we swam in the ocean of bliss on the summit of Mount Everest. Then our return journey began. The journey back from Arohan was difficult. In some places, it was jingling.

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When we reached Chuchuro

Gauchan and Phurba Sherpa say, ‘When we reached the summit of Mount Everest, heaven was like this. There are mountains all around, even on the highest peak of Mt. Everest. Dozens of peaks, including the world’s 8,000-meter-high mountains, seem to be the most peaceful and beautiful place on earth. We will never forget this moment in our lives.

Helwa Everest Managing Director Fourwa Galgen Sherpa said that despite the hundreds of flights taking place in the Everest region every year, the success achieved by the helicopter pilot in climbing Everest is a matter of pride. “Three directors of our company have successfully climbed Mt. Everest. Probably the first pilot in the history of Nepal to climb Mt. Everest, which is a matter of pride not only for our company but also for the country, he said.

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