Best Auto Dialer In India

Auto-dialer software allows businesses to automatically dial a massive number of leads and save significant time for their agents. You can connect a customer to a live agent once the call has been patched up at the customer’s end. This leads to high productivity and efficiency.

By using auto dialer software, you are able to assign calls to different agents based on certain conditions. Real Estate, Insurance, Education Institutions, Financial Service Providers, Political Marketing, Debt and Bill Collection, Weather Forecasting, E-commerce, and many other industries use auto dialer systems to send automated messages to large numbers of customers.

Auto Dialer Features

Dial time Restriction

Custom dialing to specific time zones or regions – e.g., if you have to call phone numbers beginning with 022 (code) between 10-12 PM in the IST time zone.

Dial Order

A Dial Order feature ensures that the Auto-dialer dials out all the phone numbers mapped to contact and increases coverage for a business.

Answer Machine Detection

AMD ensures that dialers skip answering machines. Only when a live person answers the other end of the line does the call connect.

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Auto Call Answer

Enables business processes where agents with “auto call on” status will automatically receive dialer calls, so they do not have to wait for the ringtone, thereby extending the agents’ talk time.

Dialer Notification

Providing supervisors with error codes when there are not enough contacts on the dialing list or when a PRI or SIP failure occurs.

Auto Dial List Upload

Knowlarity’s customer manager API allows you to automatically upload dialing lists from your CRM or another third-party system.


Parallel predictive dialing matches dialing contacts with an agent’s skill and expertise, e.g. language -English/Hindi/Arabic.

Voice Blaster

Send automated pre-recorded outbound voice messages to your complete contact list. Use voice broadcasting technology to make bulk voice calls and reach a large target audience.

Key Benefits of Knowlarity’s Auto Dialer Software

No Manual Dialing

Save your agents’ time by automating your calling process. Call an unlimited number of customers with just a few clicks.

Save Agents Time

Detect answering machines so that only human agents are connected when humans answer the phone. This eliminates the need for a machine and allows agents to focus on quality leads.

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Intelligent Lead Management

Send a notification to the supervisor when the lead list reaches its threshold and plan outbound calling activities accordingly.

Native Truecaller Integration

By using Truecaller Verified Brand Identity, you can increase call pick-up rates by 40-60% to increase efficiency and conversions.


Automating your calling process can boost your sales to an unprecedented level! Increase lead conversion rates and accelerate sales by making more calls in less time.

Higher Efficiency

Efficiencies and productivity of agents are dramatically improved. You will see a significant increase in your outbound call connect rate when you automate it.

Boost your Revenue

With intelligent auto dialer software, you can increase your call connects and conversion rate to boost your revenue and bottom line.

Manage Multiple Campaigns

As Knowlarity’s auto dialer makes it easy for you to run and manage multiple campaigns, you’ll be able to run all your campaigns at full throttle.

Knowlarity is a predictive dialer software system capable of leveraging speech analytics. Using this cloud-based predictive dialer software, you’ll be able to monitor calls, manage your call center, and utilize IVR.

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Additionally, Knowlarity’s super dialers are designed for extreme performance in the new age of outbound call centers. We offer an auto-dialer capable of dialing out your contact list in a short period of time. Their auto-dialer can be integrated to your system via Dialer APIs so that it can be fully customized as per your business requirements. You can maximize the productivity of your agents by using their dialers. Using our technology, companies are able to improve their call efficiency and increase the productivity of sales and lead creative teams. Sales, service, marketing, customer service or any other transactional or promotional calls can be efficiently performed by our teams. You can own and control your call recordings from beginning to end for any outbound or inbound call. Very few organizations in the world provide you with call recording capabilities from ring time to call disconnection.


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