Became the world’s first ‘unisex’ condom to be used by both men and women

Kathmandu. The world’s first ‘unisex’ condom has been made. This condom can be used by both men and women. This condom made by a Malaysian doctor is made using medical grade material. It is commonly used in wound dressings.

This unisex condom is named Vandalife Unisex Condom. Gynecologists at the medical supplier Malaysian company Twin Catalyst say that its use can help control birth rates as well as protect sexual health.

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Gynecologist Jan Tang Ing said the condom was just like any other normal condom and had a sticky cover that made it easy to use. He said that this condom can be easily used by sticking it on the penis of a man and the vagina of a woman.

The condom will contain two condoms per bag and will cost 14.99 ringgit, the company said.

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