BATYA UNGAR-SARGON: The Left ignored the crime the Pelosis suffered. Now they're finally waking up

In the wake of the disgusting and violent attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, we were treated to a rare sight: Democrats demanding justice on behalf of the victim of a violent crime.

Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, horrifyingly told police that he intended to tie up Ms. Pelosi and break her kneecaps.

But when she broke into her house to find the speaker, she attacked her 82-year-old husband and fractured Paul’s skull with a hammer.

There is not a sane American who has not revolted and been deeply saddened by this heinous attack.

On Tuesday, DePape was charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, residential burglary, false imprisonment and threatening death or serious bodily injury to a public official.

He was being held without bail for the time being due to the “extreme risk to public safety he poses.”

It is exactly the way a violent, mentally ill, homeless person who attacked a vulnerable elderly person should be treated.

And yet, too often, progressives spend their time lobbying on behalf of the perpetrators of crimes, damn their victims.

Consider Keaira Bennefield, a mother of three, who shared footage of her estranged husband savagely beating her with police.

There is not a sane American who has not revolted and been deeply saddened by this heinous attack.

There is not a sane American who has not revolted and been deeply saddened by this heinous attack.

“I was screaming for help the whole time,” he told investigators. ‘I thought she was going to die.’

But her husband was charged with a misdemeanor and released without bail, after which he murdered Keaira in front of their three children.

Or think of Tommy Bailey, a father of three who was stabbed to death on a New York City subway by a homeless man, Alvin Charles, who was released without bail after stabbing another man on another subway. .

Or remember Saiko Koma, who was killed by a man with three armed robbery arrests on his record, who was on parole when he murdered her.

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Or consider Rong Xin Liao, an 84-year-old grandfather who, like Paul Pelosi, suffered a blow to the head when 24-year-old Eric Ramos-Hernandez kicked him in the face.

Unlike David DePape, Ramos-Hernandez was released from jail and ‘diverted’ back to his own home for ‘mental health treatment’.

Too bad Rong Xin Liao, Saiko Koma, and Keaira Bennefield didn’t have the good fortune to be rich, white, and married to political royalty, or they may have seen justice too.

They may have encountered representatives who cared about them, the victims of heinous acts of violence, more than about their attackers and killers.

Instead, because they were nonwhite, wealthy, and royal, they received the usual meal from a party that endlessly lobbies for bail reform laws and homeless encampments in working-class neighborhoods and compassion for drug addicts. violent and mentally ill drugs.

Why don’t they have more sympathy for their own voters?

Eighty-one percent of black Americans and 82 percent of black Democrats told the Pew Research Center that crime is a “very important” factor in determining who they will vote for in this midterm election.

They are right to be concerned: Violent crime is on the rise across the country and is disproportionately affecting African Americans.

From New York to Mississippi to Louisiana, African Americans make up the majority of homicide victims, despite being a small minority of total residents.

One would think that the party that has relied on black voters for every political victory in recent memory would be prioritizing its most loyal bloc of voters.

You would be wrong.

Unfortunately for victims of violent crime, that same Pew study that found only 33 percent of white Democrats are very concerned about it, too.

Call it the gap of awakening.

Too often, progressives spend their time lobbying for the perpetrators of crimes, damn their victims.

Too often, progressives spend their time lobbying for the perpetrators of crimes, damn their victims.

White Democrats are increasingly part of an overeducated coastal elite who live in posh neighborhoods far from where crime is rampant, where real estate values ​​rise with their two-income professional homes in increasingly economically and racially segregated areas of cities. most expensive in the United States.

Meanwhile, they sentence their working-class neighbors to live in enclaves increasingly ruled by violent crime, while polishing their elite credentials by supporting movements like Defund the Police that make their neighbors even less safe.

It’s just adding insult to injury that much of this progressive stance is done in the name of racial justice.

And when faced with a choice between working-class minorities and upper-class white progressives, it’s clear which of their constituencies Democratic politicians have chosen to serve.

While working-class liberals fight crime and pay the bills, his party is increasingly targeting elites whose biggest concerns are abortion and climate change.

That’s what another Gallup poll found: Republican voters are more motivated by the economy, immigration and crime, all concerns for low-income Americans who live in more dangerous neighborhoods with lower-paying jobs and are threatened by the immigrant labor.

Meanwhile, Democratic voters are more concerned about abortion, climate change, and gun policy; They want to decriminalize the illegal possession of a firearm, but God forbid someone has a hunting rifle in his house!

At the end of the day, this may sound like a political divide, but it’s not: it’s about class.

One party increasingly speaks to the working class, while the other party speaks only to its privileged elites who make a career out of policing the language of others and calling themselves racists if they don’t support the abolition of prisons and the police.

Instead of heeding the concerns of desperate Americans across the country, Democrats and their allies in the media have been putting enormous amounts of energy into minimizing crime.

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A year ago, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called concern about the headline-driven crime spree hysteria.

“We’re seeing these headlines about percentage increases,” Ocasio-Cortez said during a virtual town hall in July. “Now, I want to say that any amount of damage is unacceptable and too much, but I also want to make sure that this doesn’t create hysteria and that we see these numbers in context.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (above), for example, criticized the false “perception” of rising crime on the subway.

The congresswoman provided the template that Democrats and the media have turned to again and again ever since: Ignore your voters and cast their concerns as hysteria created by the conservative media.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, for example, criticized the false ‘perception’ of rising crime on the subway.

“We’re averaging less than six crimes a day on a subway system with 3.5 million passengers,” Adams told CNN’s Chris Wallace. “But if you write your story based on a narrative, then you will see the worst of those six crimes and put it on the front pages of your newspaper every day.”

“I can’t overstate the degree to which gruesome surveillance footage of Black people committing violent crimes has become the almost permanent wallpaper on Fox these days,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted in October.

One wonders why Hayes only sees the perpetrators but never the victims of violent crime, who are also overwhelmingly black.

Democrats have an opportunity after the horrific attack on Paul Pelosi to do a little soul searching, now that they have flexed that muscle one uses to feel for the victims of horrific acts of violence, long atrophied on the left.

One hopes they will learn to extend their use to poor, working-class black Americans, whose votes they covet.

They too deserve a little sympathy.

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