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Are children becoming obese?

In the past, parents would be satisfied if their children were obese. The children were stunned to learn that they had died. At that time children used to play, jump and run outside the house. Junk food was not readily available. And, their bodies didn’t look ugly.

Obesity in children is now becoming a headache for parents. Babies are abnormally obese. Their bodies look ugly. They also tend to be sluggish and weak.




Normal obesity is not a problem. But, abnormally growing obesity causes disease. Now children live in one place and eat junk food. Their sleeping and waking schedules are also uncertain. That is why they have become obese.

What happens if the problem of obesity is increasing in today’s children?

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In the present situation, this has become a matter of headache for the couple. Obesity not only makes the body ugly, it causes many diseases. Various studies have shown that childhood obesity can lead to long-term health problems.

According to a European study, many couples are now raising only one child. The entire attention of the parents and the family is focused on the child. The child needs to be cared for and fed more than necessary. This puts the child at risk of developing obesity. Growing childhood obesity in Europe has become a headache for parents. Children in Italy, Spain and Cyprus are three times more likely to be obese than in northern Europe.

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How long will obesity last in childhood? In general, 70 percent of children are less likely to be obese in adulthood. Obesity persists in one-third of children even during adolescence. According to a survey of school children, 1 out of every 10 children suffers from obesity. This is due to the rapidly changing lifestyle and eating habits.

A child with obesity has a 35 percent higher risk of developing heart disease. Obese children have an increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and heart attack.

If a child becomes obese during childhood, he or she will suffer the consequences for the rest of his or her life. Obesity-related diseases such as diabetes can be a victim. According to a survey published in the Beatrice Medical Journal Lancet, obesity increases the risk of cervical cancer. There is also a risk of gallbladder, anus, uterus, thyroid and blood cancers. Being overweight also increases the risk of liver, rectal, testicular and breast cancer. According to researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, obesity is the leading cause of death.

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According to a study published in Nutrition and Diabetes, the main causes of obesity in children are their diet and their habit of watching TV and the role of parents is also important in this. Lack of exercise compared to food also causes obesity.

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