Apple’s first computer sold for Rs 50 million

A computer produced by Apple for the first time has sold for more than Rs 50 million. One of the first Apple One computers to be built by Apple in 1976, the current one sold for लाख 400,000 at an auction on Tuesday.

The computer, put up for auction by the John Moran Auction House in California, USA, was expected to fetch 600,000, but only ५ 500,000.


Apple One computer, Apple One NTI motherboard, Apple cassette adapter in the card case, Datanetics keyboard Rev D, 1986 Panasonic video monitor, Apple One connecting cable and electrical wiring are on sale. Also included are Apple One’s Basin Manual, Apple One Operations Guide, Programming Manual, and two Apple One software cassette tapes.

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The Apple One computer was designed by Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s founders, and the components were connected and tested by another founder, Steve Jobs.

The Apple One computer, which is currently up for auction, has been sold twice. The computer, first purchased from the market by an electronics professor, was sold to a student in 1977. The student then bought the computer for 650.

The computer has recently been evaluated, tested and repaired by veteran experts in the field and has been certified to be fully operational.

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So far, there are only six Apple One shells made of coa wood in the world. Due to deforestation, this wood has become rare and expensive.

Apple produced 200 Apple One computers as its first product, of which 175 were sold. It is estimated that about 20 of them are still in working condition.

Fifty of those computers were purchased by Paul Terrell, owner of Bitshop in California.

An Apple One computer sold for ६ 671,000 at an auction in Germany in 2013. Along with the computer, a letter from Apple founder Steve Jobs was also sold. In 2014, Apple One Computer sold for लाख 905,000 in New York, USA.

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Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wynne on April 1, 1976, in a garage in California.

Jobs sold his microbus to raise money to produce the Apple One, while Wozniak sold his HP65 calculator for ० 500.

The market value of the Apple One computer was then set at ६ 666.66.

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