Another UN staff member is under the control of the Ethiopian government

The United Nations says the Ethiopian government has arrested another of its staff. The United Nations said in a statement on Friday. Humanitarian workers have been taken under control here before. Earlier, nine police officers were detained by Ethiopian police.


UN officials say they are working to secure their release. But on Friday, another employee was arrested and demanded to be released. Earlier, the United Nations had urged its humanitarian workers not to interfere. The United Nations has not yet responded to the Ethiopian government’s request.

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Ethiopian government security forces also seized trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Tigre, Ethiopia. Earlier this week, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the immediate release of the trucks and their drivers and staff.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s Deputy Spokesman Farah Haq also issued a statement on Friday demanding the immediate release of all vehicles and staff that had gone to provide humanitarian assistance. He said the Ethiopian government had already arrested nine UN staff members and one more on Friday.

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The Tigris region of Ethiopia has been in a lot of trouble lately. Necessary food and medicine for the citizens of Tigre were sent there as assistance. The Ethiopian government is said to have taken control of all the materials and staff sent by the United Nations.

He added that the search for them was continuing and that the United Nations had urged the government to do the same. Ethiopia’s so-called Tigre region has been on the rise recently. Due to which millions of people lack humanitarian aid including food. Therefore, the United Nations had sent aid to the region.

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