According to Vastu, what is the ominous shadow of the house?

Architecture is the science of interpreting from every direction and angle. This scripture, which mainly looks at the eight directions with importance, also suggests in which direction the goods should be kept in which direction when building a house. The rays of the sun, the possibility of moisture according to the environment of the house are guided by the aspect.

Vastu analyzes every practical aspect based on. The door of the house in the lap of the mountain is turned to the south, while the door to the house where the wind blows from the west is placed to the east. Similarly, it is believed that if there is shade of a big tree on top of the house, it will stop the progress of the people living in the house. In this way, architecture explores the practical side of people based on location.

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The fiery angle is considered suitable for energy as it represents the angle represented by fire. The igneous angle is the east and south angle. As soon as the sun rises, the easternmost part touches the sun. So this angle represents energy in itself. Therefore it is believed that a kind of special energy can be found in this direction. It is considered appropriate to place the kitchen in this direction. Electrical appliances can also be placed in this direction.

There are many types of architecture. All of these tend to highlight different aspects of home construction. In architecture, it is presented from different angles like weather, sunrise and sunset. One of them is shadow casting. Shading makes a decision about the effect of the shadow on the house. In astrology, shadow is considered a symbol of Rahu and Ketu. It is believed that family members should avoid the effects of shadows in the home based on the belief that they often get sick because of the shadows. Here’s what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

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1. Effect of flag shadow: Flag shadow is the shadow of the flag. It is believed that houses built around 100 feet of the temple are affected by the shadow of the flag. But it depends on the height of the temple and the height of the flag. Today, houses are being built taller than temples, which reduces the risk of this problem.

2. Effect of temple shadow: If the shadow of the temple falls on the house from 10 to 3 o’clock in the morning, that is, around noon, that is, a few hours before mid-sun, it is believed that it will bring bad fruit. Such a shadow causes unrest in the family, loss of business and delay in marriage or children.

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3. Impact of mountain shadows: If there is a mountain near your house and its shadow falls on your building, it can also be ominous. It is believed that the shadow of the mountain on the eastern side of the building affects the reputation of the people.

4. Impact of building shades: If you have a house bigger than your house and its shadow falls on your house, it is also important to pay attention to it. Your home should not allow shading in wells or wells.

5. Effect of tree shade: If tree shade falls on the house around noon, it is architecturally harmful. It also requires knowledge of direction. There is an architectural belief that this shadow hinders the progress of the person living in the house.

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