6 Essential Tips for Buying Gym Clothing

The choice of clothing makes a lot of difference in a workout session. Activewear of high quality helps in free movement preventing discomfort and chances of injury. But many need help buying the proper gym wear or tend to purchase workout clothes in bulk, which takes away from the fun of the workouts. The benefits of good quality activewear, therefore, impact your physical performance and mental game.

So, when shopping for gym clothes, keep the following things in mind.

Look for performance fabrics.

Comfort should be the first thing in mind when choosing clothing for your workout sessions. But if you are going to the gym to push your limits and do some intense training, you must choose materials that offer much more than that.

Cotton is comfortable till you get sweaty. But synthetic fabrics are moisture-wicking, keep the sweat off your body and regulate body temperature.

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Therefore, you can choose cotton fabric for low-intensity workouts but need thermoregulating materials for high-intensity activities.

Think about the range of motion

Your activity determines the amount of movement you want from your workout clothing. Be it your weightlifting routine or doing downward and upward dog, you need stretchy clothes that aid your movement.

For most of your workouts, you can choose loose clothes that don’t affect your movement. For example, if you are cycling, ensure that the clothes are not too loose to get caught up in the wheels, causing an accident or injury.

You can also wear compression shorts under comfortable and loose-fitting clothing for better stability and support that wicks away moisture.

Check the fit

While getting the right size is a good start, you must also consider the fit issues that may cause discomfort or distract you. You can test your gym wear by running on the treadmill or doing squats.

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During testing, ensure that the leggings don’t stretch out or become sheer, the waistband doesn’t roll down, or fabrics rub or pull against your skin.

Remember the pockets.

You may be one of those who love to plug in the headphones and get on with the workout session. For that, pockets in your activewear can come in handy to keep your phone and the earbuds.

Moreover, you may want to avoid carrying a backpack or purse to the gym; instead, you can put your wallet and keys in your pockets. While shorts and trousers with pockets can be expensive, their functionality will be worth the money.

Consider the weather

If you prefer working outdoors, you must choose light layers to help you withstand the weather. It is best to have a moisture-wicking base, a wind and water-resistant jacket, or a fleece layer to protect against the elements.

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Dress according to the activity

When buying gym wear, you need to consider the type of movement involved in your workout and how much you sweat. Generally, you need leggings or shorts, a T-shirt or tank, performance socks, compression layers, moisture-wicking undergarments and a jacket or hoodie for outdoor workouts.

You need different types of clothing for different activities. For example, form-fitting trousers are a must-have if you are cycling outdoors in the cold. When running in the heat, loose-fitting shorts will provide the ultimate comfort.

When you have decided on the fit and fabric for your activewear, the next thing that goes into the selection process is the aesthetics. You can go for funky colours and prints or look speedy and sleek in black. No matter what you choose, all your pieces of clothing must offer functionality while making you look good.


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