5 Types of Silver Ring for Women

When it comes to jewellery silver is the ideal balance between the budget-friendliness of artificial jewellery and the luxe appeal of gold. A silver ring is cool and casual enough for daily wear and can make quite a bold statement at a party. Before you choose a silver ring for women, you should be aware of the different ring styles and types. Here are some of the basics.

Band Rings

As the name suggests, a band ring is a band that goes around your finger. In most cases, band rings have the same width throughout the circumference. You can wear this ring on any finger. Band rings may be plain or engraved with a delicate design or studded with precious and semi-precious stones. It can be as simple or as complex as you like. One of the reasons for the popularity of band rings is their versatility. You can wear them independently or stack them up with other rings.

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Birthstone Rings

Many women like to wear rings set with their birthstones. Every month has its own birthstone. Women born in March may wear a ring flaunting a bloodstone while those born in June may wear rings with turquoise stones. Silver is a commonly used material for birthstone rings. Birthstone rings typically have only one stone but the designs available today may feature multiple stones as well.

Cocktail Rings

While a band ring has a minimalistic vibe, a cocktail ring is bold and hard to miss. It can be typically described as a large ring with a complex design featuring metal work and semi-precious or precious gemstones. The style dates back to the 1920s. As the name suggests, cocktail rings are worn at cocktail events and parties. They’re all about making a bold statement and expressing your personal style. Floral themes are common for a cocktail silver ring for women.

Flexible Rings

Unlike earrings and pendants, you have to be careful about sizing when you’re buying a ring. If the ring is too small, it won’t fit. If it’s too large, it may be loose and slip off accidentally. Flexible rings are designed in such a way that they can fit all sizes. The most common example, if an open ring. This type of ring leaves an open space under the finger and allows the rings to be tighten as per your size. Another common type of flexible ring is the overlapping ring.

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Puzzle Rings

Jewellery is mostly about expressing your personal style but it can also be fun. If you have a playful attitude to life, you might like a puzzle ring. Imagine multiple rings interlocked together in such a way that they can be worn together as single ring after they have been arranged correctly. Three band puzzle rings are the most common. These rings are not only about fun but also used to symbolize relationships.

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Buying a Silver Ring For Women

Now that you know the different types of rings, you can get started looking for your rings. Today, you cans hop online and offline. Buying jewellery online is as safe as shopping for it offline. What’s important is to ensure that you shop from a brand you can trust for the quality of silver and workmanship. It would be sad to buy a birthstone ring and have the stone fall out. Also, make sure you choose the right ring size. If you don’t know your ring size, wind a string around the thickest part of your finger and mark the spot where they overlap. This is the circumference of a ring that would fit you. Compare this to ring size charts. If it falls between two sizes, it’s usually better to choose the bigger size. So, are you ready to shop?

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