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5 Impressive Lobby Signs That Will Elevate Any Charlotte Business!

Lobby Signs

When you open the doors to clients, you must have the right office signs. Unfortunately, Charlotte business owners occasionally underestimate the power of marketing and branding these products.

Corporate Business Signs play a vital role in defining your business’s customers’ experience. It develops a positive image for your brand and allows the customers to know much about your business.

Even though different types of signs are accessible in the market, lobby signs assist in making the first impression. If you want to make the brand visible the moment the visitors/clients/customers walk into your space, then the use of the lobby sign is unavoidable. These signs are the best and most cost-effective way to elevate the business and impress the customers.

Keep reading to know must-have lobby signs in your business environment to attract visitors at first sight!

Different types of lobby signs

Lobby Signs are available in different types, and thus, having enough knowledge on those types lets you make the right decision suitable for your company. In addition, investing in signage is beneficial for branding the company and reaching more customers. Here are the major lobby signs.

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Acrylic Signs

Do you look for something attractive and contemporary? Then, go with the Acrylic Signs in Charlotte by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. It helps to decorate your reception area with your creative skill.

Opt for the frosted or clear acrylic plaques wherein the designs are printed digitally on the top or at the back according to the preferred effect.

On the other side, you can choose laser-cut acrylic letters, which is awesome for a modern and professional look. It helps your business be ahead of your competitors.

Wall graphics 

Vinyl signs are an excellent tool for displaying more than your slogan and trademark. With the wall and Window Graphics, you can communicate your company’s mission, vision, history, awards, and recognitions.

It also helps convey the branding elements that you want customers to know cost-effectively.

According to your design, it also serves other purposes. For example, vinyl signage can even act as the Wayfinding Signs for your property. It helps the customers and guests find their way easily without assistance.

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Dimensional signs

Dimensional Signage is another important and customized sign for your business. These dimensional letters are made of laser-cut acrylic material.

Make 3D letters to match your exact business logo, font style, and colors. It adds a professional look to your brand. Due to this, it becomes the ideal choice for your lobby signage.

The three-dimensional lobby signs have a depth that is hard to miss. It helps visitors view your sign at any angle and identify the business easily. It means business owners do not spend much to impress the customers.

Lighted signs

Whenever you wish to grab the client’s attention immediately, use the illuminated office lobby signs. It helps visitors get the right information about the business.

Front-lit signs highlight various tones and hues of your branding. On the other hand, backlit signs develop an impressive and stunning halo effect. It brings out the beauty of the trademark.

A combination of front and backlit signs will help develop a remarkable and eye-pleasing effect. Moreover, it assists the business in the long run.

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If you have an existing sign, you can revamp the sign by adding some external illumination. Ensure to choose the right angle and color because it brings out the amazing features of the lobby signage.

Need the best lobby signs to elevate your business?

Apart from the signs mentioned above, you will have various impressive lobby signs that improve your business. But, searching and finding the appropriate one for the business is challenging.

Instead of indulging in hassles, you can leave this task to our expert signage team. At Charlotte Sign Company Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, you will get Custom Signs for business at an affordable rate.

We design and install all types of business signage without compromising quality. Our products are Wall Wraps, Window/floor graphics, wall murals, and much more.

You can call us whenever you want to clarify your doubt or know much about the business signage to improve your business.

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