5 Factors That Depend On The Cost Of Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery is a new invention in the realm of hair transplant. This is a modern cosmetic procedure that works for scalp advancement and forehead reduction. You can undergo this procedure if there is a huge difference between your scalp and brow. This difference could be reduced with this surgical treatment. But, this is a cosmetic treatment that is not covered by medical insurance. So, you must consider the cost of hairline lowering surgery before getting it done. You can keep the following points in mind while considering the cost of this procedure.

Naturally high hairline

This is an important factor that can determine the overall cost of treatment. This procedure specifically works to bring the high hairline to a lower position. So, the surgeon has to make an incision using specialized medical equipment to lower the scalp. The entire procedure will involve cutting the skin between the scalp and brows. Then the lower brought scalp needs to be stitched to properly connect with the skin. So, this is a surgical procedure that can range from 8000 to 9500 dollars.

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Change facial shape

Hairline lowering is a surgical procedure that definitely works for reducing the big forehead. But, it also derives the advantage of altering the facial shape, especially the brows. You can have it for changing the appearance of your eyebrows as well. It can lift the brows as well with a combination of brow lift to improve facial symmetry. However, the procedure can add up to a higher cost.

Transgender sex change

The cost of hairline lowering surgery could have a direct impact when it comes to getting after a transgender sex change. You might be left with a high hairline, especially when transformed from male to female. Usually, males have a higher hairline than females. So, in case of transgender change, the cost for this procedure can increase. The surgeon might have to implant some hairs on the frontal hairline for hairline lowering. The combination of two or more procedures can elevate the total cost.

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Treating traction alopecia

This is a problem of hair loss among females that occur with frontal hair loss. It mainly happens due to pulling hairs back with tight hairstyles. This might cause thinning or loss of hairs on the frontal hairline. So, a hairline lowering can help you with achieving a natural hairline. But, you must have a flexible scalp otherwise, hair grafting and implanting are required. It works to reduce the forehead but could only work if you have a thick frontal hairline.


Forehead reduction is a surgical procedure that involves incisions and sutures. Therefore, you must have to go through a long recovery period. You might require follow-ups, medication, and supportive measures during recovery. So, all this could also add to the overall cost of hairline lowering surgery. You also have to follow aftercare instructions by the hair surgeon. However, the cost of treatment may also depend upon your scalp laxity and the expertise of the surgeon.

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To sum up

It is really important that you should have proper information about the procedure you are considering for yourself. So, you must review these factors to determine the cost of hairline lowering surgery which is surgical. This treatment will undoubtedly provide you with desired results. But, it can cost up to 9500 dollars for a single session. The above-mentioned points define how the cost of this treatment could vary. So, initial consultation with the surgeon is essential to prepare for the budget.

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