4K Blu-ray isn’t dying despite Disney and Best Buy’s efforts – it’s more important than ever

4K Blu-rays have been a hot topic in recent memory. In 2023, Disney announced it would no longer sell 4K Blu-rays in Australia and we here called it a crime for movie fans. Next, Best Buy announced it would no longer stock DVDs or Blu-rays after the holiday season (via Forbes), and from what we can tell, that includes 4K Blu-rays. 

Over the past couple of years, people have made the switch to the best streaming services for the large libraries of tv shows and movies available at their fingertips, all for a monthly fee. This is admittedly cheaper than buying a single 4K Blu-ray, which on average costs about $30 / £25 / AU$39 for a mainstream release and more for rarer or lesser-known movies from smaller publishers. It does seem unsurprising, in that case, that 4K Blu-ray is perceived to be falling out of the mainstream.

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